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I personally believe that “Mixed Voice” may be one of the most
misunderstood and elusive concepts in singing.

And here’s why:

Coaches love to use buzz words and fancy phrases about singing to make themselves look like they know what they are talking about.

I’m not kidding.

It’s called “Tribal Knowledge / Job Security.”

Do you know what a funny explanation is for an expert?

Someone that knows a “little” more than you.

This way they can wow you with “bafflegab.”

But have you really looked closely to see if these self proclaimed
experts have truly apprehended the concepts and methods they teach, demonstrating first with their own voices and then with other students proving out what they teach?

This is actually a major reason I started KTVA.

In all my years of singing, touring, recording and teaching, I cannot
tell you how frustrating this was for me.

I have studied under the world’s greatest vocal coaches and most of
them had conflicting and or very incomplete information. Few of them could actually sing (and even if they did, was it something I wanted to sound like?)

So at KTVA, I go out of my way to show you what is legit and what
isn’t, with a view towards helping you get past all the bafflegab and
get straight to great singing.

With that said:

In this video, I discuss “Mixed Voice.”

What is it?

How do you get it?

How do you apply it?

I demonstrate it (not just in this video but many others on my youtube
channel and in my singing course).

Getting to mixed voice is a process.

You must build it in stages.


It MUST be consistent with building the rest of your voice correctly.

After you have established the strong building blocks for singing:

1) Support
2) Upper torso relaxation response
3) Open throat technique
4) Breath control
5) Building chest voice
6) Building head voice
7) Building the passaggio bridge

THEN you can start to “mix” between your chest and head registers.

This folks is the correct and only way to build healthy long lasting mixed voice. (I cover all of this in my singing course)

I hope you find this free tutorial helpful and I look forward to great
singing with you!

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