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Jesus Jones – Right Here Right Now – Cover

By January 9, 2023No Comments

I remember when I wrote this song back in 1991.

Grunge was taking over the rock world, and I watched the complete implosion of Classic Rock and 80s metal.

I remember when the music scene was transitioning from the 80s into the 90s.

It was an awkward time for me because so much of what I had built my career on revolved around classic rock, hard rock, and metal.

And the pivotal turning point for that was 1990.

I literally watched the fall of hard rock as it melded into the garage scene.

I mean this sincerely, the problem with me, particularly at that time, was that I did not relate to grunge at all.

There were a couple of bands that I thought were strong, such as anything Chris Cornell had to do with, and Lane Staley projects. Stone Temple Pilots were cool and some of the Pearl Jam stuff for me was OK, but what was heartbreaking was the death of the guitar solo, and later, for the most part, the death of the guitar altogether.

Guitar heroes were becoming a thing of the past.

So I started looking for other music I could appreciate, and, though it seemed few and far between, I remember vividly hearing this song by Jesus Jones: “Right Here Right Now” (and yes, there’s another very popular song that came later with the same title by Fatboy Slim).

The song was embraced as an anthem when the iron curtain fell and was even used for other conflicts that followed.

It’s a song of hope, unity and solidarity around the world.

And while the lyrics may seem a bit ambitious, I like ambitious 🙂

I remember thinking to myself, someday I’d like to do a cover of this song.

Well, today is that day!

I hope you enjoy it.

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