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Top Gun – Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins – Cover – Kati Cher

By February 3, 2023No Comments

All I can say is… Wow!

The movie was scheduled to be released prior to Covid, and when Covid hit and all of the movie theaters shut down, Maverick got shut down with it.

But Tom was smart. He knew that timing was everything and so he waited for that right moment to strike.

And strike he did!

I hope it’s OK to be honest and share my feelings because that’s just the way I am, even though I often take a lot of crap for it.

While I absolutely loved the original movie Top Gun, as was with many soundtracks, the soundtrack to me just seemed really plastic and packaged. And to be candid, as much as I think Kenny Loggins is an incredible artist, songs like “Footloose” were just a little too poppy and bubble gummy for me.

So it was hard for me to get past that when I heard “Danger Zone” for the first time. And I remember thinking to myself, if I ever did this song as a cover, I would make sure those guitars were heavy and up-front, ha, ha, ha!

Tame, benign, “safe” mixes of songs often happened in movie soundtracks because they want to create songs “for everyone”, and often the production of songs is very, very similar.

For those of you that remember, please look up John Parr’s song “Naughty Naughty” and compare the production of that song to “Danger Zone” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

So here’s where it gets funny…

Our Kati flies over from Austria where she’s from.

We already had picked our song selection for the most part. And she walks in with this freaking Maverick Top Gun jumpsuit on, telling me that she has to do this song!

The softy that I am, I said there’s no way I’m going to do the song like the original. The only way I’ll do it is if I put heavier guitars on there. WAY heavier!

Kati said “Of course!” and the next thing you know, we found ourselves on a “highway to the danger zone, right into the danger zone”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So come along for the ride with us and let us know how you think we did!

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