Does writing a song seem like learning a foreign language to you?

Does it seem like some people just “have it” while others “don’t” ?

Have you tried to create a piece of music and just get “stuck” because you feel like you can’t take your art any further?

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to write a song to express what is going on in your soul, in your mind, in your heart but don’t know the first thing about how to go about writing a song?

Maybe you’ve written many songs but they all kinda just “sound the same” and you need new inspiration to take your songwriting to a new level?

Or, do you just want to cut to the chase and learn how to write a hit song that sells?

Ken Tamplin has written over 1,000 songs (no kidding over 1,000 songs) that have been placed on commercially released CD’s as well as Film and Television shows.

(*** see for some of Ken Tamplin’s film and TV credits)

Ken shows you the secrets of what really goes in to writing a great song!

He shows you progressions that get used over and over from Pop Ballads, To Rockin’ Anthems and everything in between.

He gives you the tools to expand your own creativity and help you construct songs that you can make your own, and make great.

HOW TO WRITE A SONG is a must have for the serious songwriter!

In this 35 minute video Ken will walk you through over 20 different chord progressions used over and over again by “Hit Makers” spanning more than 30 years. From Adele to Christie Perri from the Beatles to Led Zepplin from Elton John to U2 from Nirvana to Stone Temple Pilots.

How To Write A Song by Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy will help you craft a great song regardless of the “style” and can be applied to any kind of music.

How To Write A Song – Download only – $29.95