Adley Stump

2016 Grammy Amplifier Winner
& Contestant in The Voice

“My support and vocal power has increased MONSTROUSLY!”

“Before undertaking my training with KTVA, every one of my high notes eluded me, and I couldn’t support through an entire song without running out of steam. I had no idea what I was doing wrong and none of my teachers knew how to teach ‘Rock’ style as it was such an advanced, difficult and ‘risky’ style to sing.

The G#5 that I hit just before the solo of my tune? That was WAY outta my range and comfort zone. However, standing here now, just under a year later under Ken’s guidance, my range has bumped up a complete FIVE tones (Almost to a fully supported D6!), my support and vocal power has increased MONSTROUSLY and that G#5? Now I’m hitting that in my warmups.

Thank you, KTVA, for putting me so many steps closer to realizing my dream of completing the promise that I’m making in this song, and I’ll see you all when I’m a rockstar!”

Adam Spizzo – Australia

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