Gabriela Gun

“I have more range and power than I ever imagined!”

“Ken is incredible. He is seriously rocking my voice. I have more range and power than I ever imagined! (and singing is so much easier for me now too!)I used to go hoarse after every show. With the KTVA program, my stamina is crazy good and now I NEVER go hoarse (and sing much longer with way better control).

I can also sing in many different styles from Rock to Pop to whatever thanks to Ken showing me different approaches to singing.

I can’t say enough good things about KTVA.

The results are amazing! As Ken says and I agree – the proof is in the singing.”

Gabriela Guncíková – Czech Republic


A singer is only a singer because they have the guts to be one

We say that all the time here at KTVA and Gabriela Gun is proof that this is the case. Gabby is from Kroměříž, a small town of 29,000 in the Czech Republic, she started singing at a young age and was a finalist in the second season of SuperStar and won the “New Artist” award at the 2011 Český slavík awards. She came to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy about four years ago in order to become an unstoppable singer – she worked her butt off and followed Ken Tamplin’s course exactly as prescribed. She is now leader singer of the international mega group, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and is touring and performing in supersized stadiums!

Check out Gabriela Gun and Trans Siberian Orchestra…>

When Gabriela came to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy she was just like you, she knew what she wanted and was determined to make it. She made the effort and put in a lot of hours, learning how to sing better than she ever though possible, giving her the confidence to go forth and conquer. Check out some of Gabriela’s instruction videos here and see how Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin gave her the tools to become unstoppable. YOU can do this, too!

Gabriela Gun singing Rock:

Gabriela Gun singing Pop:

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