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Singing Lessons at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Free Advanced Singing Lesson!

Slamming Dave Grohl Vocal Demonstration By Ken Tamplin

Yes, Ken Tamplin is a Master Vocal Coach who actually sings!

Enjoy the demonstration and interactive singing lesson – there are more video demonstrations and singing lessons below.

So, you wanna sing?

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy you have a many options for singing lessons:

  • On DVD/CD combos
  • Via digital downloads
  • Online singing lessons LIVE via webcam with Ken Tamplin
  • Private in-studio singing lessons with Ken Tamplin

The signature vocal course at KTVA is the world famous “How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” – it is by far the most powerful, effective and complete vocal course you will ever find.

How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else, the complete course consists of:

  • How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else, volume 1 DVD + CD
  • How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else, volume 2 DVD + CD
  • How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else, volume 3 DVD + CD
  • Building Head Voice – 15 Video Lessons (value $100.00)
  • Licks & Tricks Revealed! – 24 Video Lessons (value $199.95)
  • The Secrets To Live Singing – Rock – 40 Video Lessons
  • The Secrets To Live Singing – Pop and R&B – 28 Video Lessons
  • Advanced Vibrato – 7 Video Lessons (value $59.00)
  • How To Write A Song! – 13 Video Lessons (value $29.95)
  • Guitar Chords! – 5 Video Lessons (value $24.95)
  • Karaoke Practice Trax – 12 Three-part trax
  • How To Find Your Own Voice – 1 Video Lesson
  • How To Overcome Stage Fright – 1 Video Lesson
  • How To Record Your Vocals – 5 Video Lessons (value $69.00)
  • A Complete List Of Cruise Ship Entertainment Companies With Direct Contact Info ( value $99.95)
  • A Complete List Of Band / Music Managers (value $99.95)
  • A Copy Of The “Indy Bible” Which Includes A Complete List Of Radio Stations & Magazines That Will Play & Review Your Music! (value $39.95)
  • A Complete List Of TV & Film Companies That Can Place Your Music With Direct Contact Info (value $199.95)
  • A Complete List Of Music Venues Looking For Talent Now! (value $99.95)

The KTVA singing lessons on DVDs and downloads are the best investment you will ever make into your voice.

The proof is in the singing – check this out:


This is the most advanced, powerful and effective singing course anywhere in the world.

It is the only vocal coaching program that shows you step by step, with real demonstrations on how to apply what you are learning to actual singing.  Not just singing scales. But REAL singing.

Get the real deal.  Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.  Singing Lessons That Actually Work!

Hey KTVA singer friends!I have had quite a few requests from people asking where they can get certain past records of mine.

You all have been so awesome, I’d like to (for a limited time) offer a free download of my Wake The Nations album.

The Album features:

Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)
Doug Aldrich (guitarist Whitesnake)
Richie Kotzen (guitarist Winery Dogs)
Jeff Watson (guitarist Night Ranger)
Stevie Salas (guitriast Mick Jagger etc.)
Reb Beach (guitarist Winger)
Mattias Eklundh (guitarist Freak Kitchen)
Marty Friedman (guitarist Megadeth)
Kee Marcello (guitarist Europe)
Scott Van Zen (guitars)
Howie Simon (guitars)
Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem)
Glenn Sobel (drums for Alice Cooper)
Ed Roth (keys for Glenn Hughes)

Just A Thank You From KTVA!
-Ken Tamplin