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Announcing my NEW course which shows you how to…

  • Recover your voice completely within 24 hours of “going hoarse”… if you have “lost” your voice from over-singing or over-speaking
  • Eliminate “Shaky” Voice
  • Eliminate “Frogginess”
  • Eliminate “Cracking” in your voice
  • Heal your voice back to 100% performance after getting surgery
  • Recover from laryngitis (mild or severe)… by performing “physical therapy” on your voice
  • Regain Stamina, Power, Range, Pitch, and Clarity… if you have lost them due to heart attack, stroke, or other health conditions
  • Rehabilitate Vocal Fold Paralysis
  • Rehabilitate from Polyps / Cysts / Lesions and Nodes WITHOUT surgery… using an 8-exercise routine (usually takes 4-6 weeks)

If you feel you have a serious medical condition that requires direct medical attention, please consult your licensed healthcare practitioner before starting any health-related program.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is not a licensed healthcare practitioner and makes no claims or warranties related to your health.

Dear singer,

Almost all voice-related surgeries are unnecessary. Because the nodes or polyps or cysts in question can be healed “naturally”… through a special kind of “vocal” physical therapy, and usually within 4-6 weeks. And also?

Have you ever “lost your voice”? And then had to wait a few days before you could use it again?

That was also unnecessary. Because whenever you “lose your voice”… due to oversinging or overspeaking… you can (almost always) be safely singing again at 100% capacity later that same day. If you use the right “rehabilitation routine,” to put strength and flexibility back into your cords…

I’ve known this for decades. And have used this knowledge to help hundreds of singers achieve what seemed to them like miraculous recoveries, from vocal injuries of just about every kind. And while I’m flattered that these people thought I had a special ability to work “miracles”… these really weren’t miracles at all;

… but they were just science, physical therapy, and a couple decades of my “on the road” singing experience – applied to the voice. Which brings me to a fact about me, that you probably didn’t know…

My Secret Passion

While most people know me as that passionate “rocker” guy on YouTube, who makes crazy singing videos, and says “the proof is the in the singing” a friggin’ lot…

… I have at the same time been developing a lesser-known reputation, amongst my friends and students who are ENTs (M.D.’s who specialize in “Ear / Nose / Throat”)… as someone who is able to help singers and speakers with just about any vocal injury… quickly get back to 100% vocal capacity – without surgery, safely, and from home.

Which is why Dr. Steven Zeitels (the guy who did surgery on Adele, Julie Andrews, Sam Smith, Steven Tyler, etc.) has referred several patients to me for rehabilitation post-surgery… and why Greek composer Vangelis (composed the soundtracks for Chariots of Fire, Bladerunner, etc.) has also sent injured singers my way, usually to AVOID surgery… and why scores of other ENTs and composers, have sent hundreds of patients my way over the years.

And as for where I learned my “Voice Healing” abilities?

How I learned this stuff

I created and perfected the 8-exercise, vocal “rehabilitation routine” I now teach… over a period of about 20 years, back when I was a touring singer. Because back then, I personally NEEDED to find a way to recover from hoarseness, sickness, polyps, etc. quickly… since either “the show went on,” or I had to give up several paychecks, and disappoint thousands of fans.

Which back then, I could not afford to do…

So I began to search for a solution. And as I studied the voice, talked to old wizened opera coaches, and tested funny exercises on my own voice… I began to find and compile a list of activities, which – for reasons I didn’t fully understand at the time – healed my voice fast. And then I spent the rest of my singing career perfecting this “rehab routine.” And then fast-forward a decade or two, to today.

Introducing: The World’s first course on

How to Repair Your Voice from Home

I have long kept the “rehab routine” I built hidden from the public eye… not because I wanted the information to be a secret… but simply because I’ve been friggin’ busy. Working on other parts of my Vocal Academy… and just haven’t had the time to make a new course.

Until earlier this year.

When back in February… I finally locked myself in my studio and put together a new course called “VOICE REPAIR” – which teaches the “rehab routine” I used during my 25 years as a touring singer… and perfected during 11 years of coaching.

From what I can tell, this is the FIRST and ONLY course of its kind. Which shows you how to safely and naturally heal from polyps… nodes… laryngitis… vocal fold paralysis… surgery… etc… from home.

And unlike my flagship singing course, which is very, very long – “VOICE REPAIR” is actually quite short. And the reason for this is, after trying out hundreds of different rehabilitation exercises on my own voice… I discovered that 8 very specific exercises… done in the right order… and in the right way… is really all you need.

How it works

It’s basically physical therapy, for the voice.

But to be more specific, in the course I…

  1. explain why the voice breaks down, and
  2. explain the theory of how to heal it – and then
  3. teach you my 8 core exercises… which
  4. quickly put strength and elasticity back into your vocal cords… helping you to
  5. recover from just about any vocal injury or ailment within 4-6 weeks,


If you have temporarily “lost your voice” due to oversinging or overspeaking… then using these exercises will help you get your voice back to 100% capacity the same day you use them!

Who has it worked for:

In the last 11 years of coaching, and after having worked with hundreds of singers and public speakers to rehabilitate their voices – I have seen this ‘rehab routine’ work for…

… helping them to completely recover/heal their voices. And even reach a state of higher power and stamina than they had, prior to the injury.

  • People with nodules
  • People with polyps/lesions /cysts
  • People who lost their voices due to heart attack/stroke
  • People with Vocal Fold Paralysis /Paresis
  • Singers with severe laryngitis
  • Singers with mild laryngitis
  • People who had throat cancer surgery
  • Singers who damaged their folds due to years of singing with improper technique
  • Public speakers who constantly “lose their voices” due to overspeaking

Three Examples:

Years ago I got an email notifying me that, a well-known vocal coach from Greece had signed up for my Skype Lessons. But when we got on the Skype call together, it became clear the man – his name was “Dimitri” – was not looking for singing lessons;

He had developed some rather gnarly nodules from day-in / day-out vocal instruction. And several doctors had told him the only way he could recover his voice, was through surgery. But Dimitri wanted to see if there was another way. So he asked around. And was eventually referred to me by Vangelis.

During our Skype calls, I showed him my 8-exercise rehab routine. And after 5 weeks of using it, his voice was fully restored. (He also let me know that he was singing notes higher, more powerfully, and with more ease than he had been before the nodules)

In 2017, Sharon was diagnosed with polyps. She was a Minneapolis teacher by day, and an opera singer by night… and this speaking/singing combo did a number on her cords over time. Thus the polyps. So her doctor told her to “rest her voice” for a full year – and if that didn’t work, to get surgery.

But stopping her livelihood (teaching) for a year just wasn’t an option. So after talking with an ENT who was taking lessons with me at the time (Dr. Nishant Agrawal), she came to me. And within 4 weeks Sharon had completely recovered her voice, using the 8 exercises I showed her.

When Felipe came to me in 2018, he was scared. Because he had just gotten surgery to remove a really bad nodule he had developed from oversinging. But… he was supposed to go on tour in 6 weeks. And post-surgery, his voice was NOT in a condition to sing at all – let alone for many nights on end. He was scared he would have to cancel the tour.

But after sharing his concerns with the otolaryngologist who had removed the nodule (Dr. Steven Zeitels), Dr. Zeitels sent Felipe to me.

I showed Felipe the same 8-exercise routine I had shown Dimitri and Sharon. He used them. And after 5 weeks, his voice had completely recovered. So he went on the tour. Completed it. And not only that, but he went straight into the studio after the tour, to record his next album.

Felipe sent me an email after the fact, in which he said, “Ken, I’m singing the best notes of my life. I no longer go hoarse or lose my voice which I did almost every show and am singing with more consistency than I have ever known.”

Foods & Supplements

that Heal The Voice

When I sat down to film VOICE REPAIR… I knew that one of the topics I needed to cover was, foods & supplements. Because something I learned very early on is that, you cannot effectively treat your voice in isolation. Why not?

Because your voice is a muscle-group inside of your body. And every part of your body… is affected by every other part of your body. It’s all connected. All overlapping. What you do in one area of your body WILL affect other areas, whether you like it, know it, dig it, or not. So if you want to heal your voice as fast as possible…

… you really need to start paying attention to what you are putting into your body. And more specifically?

In VOICE REPAIR I talk about how your vocal cords are made of collagen. And how there are certain foods & supplements which replenish and rebuild the collagen in your body quickly and effectively. Again, I did a lot of experimenting with this in my touring days. And that’s what this teaching inside of VOICE REPAIR is grounded in.

How this course could save you $1,000’s

If this course saves you from having to cancel just one $200 gig… you will have already “earned your money back” 2X over.

Or, if it saves you from having to get surgery… which usually costs between $1,000 and $2,000 per polyp/cyst/nodule removed… you’re looking at a 10X-20X return on your investment.

And if you tour or speak for a living… this course could save you $10,000’s – $100,000’s in lost shows and speaking engagements. All from a teeny-weeny $99 investment.

So you do the math. Worth it?

If you think so, I’d get it while it’s still 50% off…

Does My Technique Work?

My student who recovered from vocal fold paresis (paralysis) posted on my forum and recorded his first time singing after healing:

“Hello, this is my first cover after vocal fold paresis recovery.
Stay strong guys and follow your dreams! \m/”

From my student Henry Switzer who lost his voice due to a stroke…

and got it back using my exercises

“I lost my voice due to a heart attack and stroke 7 years ago.  I got it back using your lessons.”

Pretty cool, huh? 

And here’s the clip Henry shared with me if you want to hear for yourself, what it sounds like after someone who has lost their voice… gets it back using what I teach in VOICE REPAIR:

Listen to the clip now.

So yes,

this *does* work for serious conditions like vocal cord paralysis/paresis.  And the ability to heal your own voice can be acquired today!

Course Details

There are 14 lesson videos, which each average 8 minutes 30 seconds long. And then I’ve also added a 55-minute bonus video which details the story of my daughter who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)… and our journey towards recovery. Because I’ve spent so much time and money researching this topic…

… and it seemed like a shame to not share what I’ve learned on this topic. Seeing as this is a course about healing!

Then, I have also included the 8 core exercises in audio format – which is the meat of what you will be using to rehabilitate your voice.

How to use the course

I recommend you start with watching through all the videos 2 or 3 times through. Then, go to the audio exercises. And start working through them, in order. Spending 5-7 minutes a day. And after a week or two, increase it to 10 minutes a day. And after that, increase your practice sessions by 5 minutes every 3-5 days.

If you feel you have a serious medical condition that requires direct medical attention, please consult your licensed healthcare practitioner before starting any health-related program.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is not a licensed healthcare practitioner and makes no claims or warranties related to your health.

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