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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the brainchild of award-winning singer and master vocal coach, Ken Tamplin.

It all started with Ken’s own quest to find the perfect vocal lessons for himself, many moons ago. Ken was a guitar player in a band and was starting to step up to the mic more often. Ken tried every vocal technique and vocal course he could find and took personal singing lessons from the world’s top vocal coaches.

After many years of doing just that, Ken decided there had to be a better way – singing is a physical and emotional experience and yet nobody was really demonstrating that experience, the average vocal instructor seemed more interested in collecting his or her fee instead of actually teaching how to sing!

It took 20+ years to perfect the Ken Tamplin Vocal Method and when it was finally ready to be taught, Ken was thrilled to hear his students “get it” and REALLY start singing better than they thought they ever could.

Since its inception, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Method foundation has stayed the same but after listening to the thousands of KTVA students, Ken has expanded the main vocal course to be THE most powerful and COMPLETE vocal course in the world.

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy (KTVA) method of singing lessons has quickly become the industry standard for serious vocalists all over the world and KTVA has thousands of vocalists all over the world singing better than they ever thought possible!

We are pleased you are here and look forward to teaching YOU How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else!

See ya in there!


Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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