How do I start your singing course? I’m kind of afraid to sing.

So, are you ready to start singing better than you ever thought you could?  This is how your fantastic singing journey will start…

1) Purchase The Course
2) Watch The Volume 1 Movie Through Once
3) Read The “How To Do This Volume” PDF File
4) Start Practicing – Section By Section – What You Learn In The DVD To The “Audio Workouts”
5) Take Your Time To Make Sure You Understand & Are Doing The Segments Correctly
6) Move on to Volume 2 and repeat steps 2 though 5
7) Move on to Volume 3 and repeat steps 2 through 5

Do not give yourself a time limit – just work the lessons and let it all sink in at your own pace. Yes, you WILL experience great results as soon as you start, but even then, make sure to take the time for yourself to understand WHY and HOW you are having these results, so you can tap into your new techniques at any time.

You will have continued support as soon as you start, you will be registered in the KTVA Forum (if you haven’t already) and you can jump in and make your presence known. You will have access to ongoing LIVE training webinars, vocal evaluations, demo uploads, tons of posts and conversations, and… access to Ken Tamplin of course, both in the forum, via email, via webcam, and in the webinars.

Trust me – you are NEVER alone!

Is Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy only for professional singers?

Our ‘How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else’ singing course is perfect for the multi platinum singing star as well as the daily shower screamer.

Our professional vocalists use parts of the course for their daily exercises and compliment that with regular web-cam singing lessons when they are on tour.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Every person is different and so it really depends on you.

However, the great thing about THIS particular course is that you will be using it for as long as you are singing. Many of our professional vocalists who sing often, either on tour or in the recording studio, use Volume 3 of “How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” for their daily training. It is a never ending resource.

Your singing voice REQUIRES a regular workout – this course will give you that forever.

If you enter KTVA with this mindset, your course will never end and you will not be rushing to complete it. You will continually reap the benefits.

How do I really know this course is better than all the others?

Just ask around in the forum, you will meet vocalists who have tried many of the other “shiny” singing courses but end up right here because of the results.

Check out some of these testimonials:

Great singing is a true experience and your vocal coach HAS TO be able to sing well themselves, otherwise they can’t relate to what it is you are experiencing.

The proof is in the singing.  Ken Tamplin can sing his butt off and he will show you how to do it, too.

Can I see your CRAZY YouTube video again?