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Questions about the Voice

how much does heredity have to do with being able to learn to sing very well? this is a serious question for me 😛
i’ve always wondered..always thought that my throat was not “designed well for singing”
Thank you and i am inspired by your work

@heymanhaha How much does heredity have to do with running a marathon?
Yes some are more physically gifted but tenacity, determination, great technique and discipline will win out in the end..

amazing man, amazing. I especially loved your notes around the A4, that’s some tasty stuff right there!
at the end you were fairly out of breath, why is that?

@mrbouncelol Probably ‘Thanks for the comments… answer to the end of your question…probably cause I was physically a little out of shape ha ha. When you’re 46 you really have to stay up on your game 🙂