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I have singing experience, should I start with Stage 2?

By November 14, 2010September 1st, 2011No Comments

Hey Ken.

I have a vocal foundation. I’ve been singing since I was four (I’m sixteen now) and sing in two art-school choirs. I’ve learned the basics of breathing, and using your diaphragm, and about vowel placement (to blend in the choirs) etc.

I was wondering if you think I should still get part 1 of your program, or just start with part 2?

If I don’t get part 1, and part 2 turns out being too hard for me, could I possibly hurt myself?



Ken Tamplin:

The thing is, how I lay out my vocal method is on stage 1. If you miss that you won’t have the tools to move on to stage 2. Vowel placement is much more than just blending. I would recommend stage 1 for you. If it’s too easy for you, we’ll move you up to stage 2.