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Stevie Wonder singing technique, does he sing through the nose?

By June 26, 2012No Comments

We get a lot of great questions in our KTVA Forum, here’s one about the great Stevie Wonder.

Q: Stevie Wonder is a fantastic singer one of the best there ever was and is. I wonder if you ever have thought that he is singing a lot through his nose? For me it is quite clear that he is using a lot of nasal cavity as a resonator in his singing.

The question is at least for me – Isn’t he also letting of a lot of steam trough his nose?

What do you think?

Ken Tamplin A: He is (and always has) employed mostly mask when he sings. Yes he is one of the greatest soul R & B singers of all time.

I must point one thing out here though.

Using only mask will keep your voice “thin” and you will lose that warmth to the sound. (Lou Gramm also used mask but mostly in his upper register but enjoyed lower end warm in his mid and lower register.

A person who learns open throat singing technique can do both.

Get warmth when they want, get Coverdale/Dio girth up top when they want (or) thin out the sound like Stevie (Axl Rose also used a lot of mask).

Here’s the thing: Sam Cook (had he wanted to) could have sounded like Stevie with his open throat however Stevie could never has sounded like Sam using his technique.