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FREE Advanced Singing Lesson. Join Us!

By March 26, 2013October 1st, 2016No Comments

It’s time for another amazing FREE singing lesson at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! Join Ken Tamplin and fellow KTVA vocalists from all over the world (literally) this Saturday at 10AM Los Angeles Time for a LIVE singing lesson on How To Sing Pop Music!

This is a very advanced vocal lesson by your Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin – if you are currently in KTVA this will fit nicely into your How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Volume 3 workouts.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Webinar – How To Sing Pop Music

Link: Click Here

How To Participate:
Just click the above link

Ken Tamplin will be LIVE via webcam and you will be treated to an awesome free singing lesson. After the singing lesson, you will be able to ask questions via chat or microphone.

For more information and to view the upcoming webinar schedule, please click here.