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KTVA students get many MILLIONS of views!

We have a saying, here at KTVA, “The Proof Is In The Singing” – and our amazing students prove this out. Our signature vocal course, How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else is specifically designed to give YOU the tools to take your singing as far as YOU want to take it. If you just want to sing in tune while your in the shower, that’s great – and if you want to headline arena’s that’s great too, you can do it all!

Here are some current and former KTVA students giving it all they got and they are getting MANY MILLION of views, congratulations to ALL OF THEM!!!

Holy cow, KTVA student Anthony Vincent’s video, ‘Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sung in 20 Styles)’ is now at over 8 Million views on YouTube!!!

His next one, ‘Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (Sung in 20 styles)’ has over 3.5 Million views!!!

World famous DragonForce featuring Lead Vocalist Marc Hudson has many millions of views, ‘Cry Thunder’ has over 4 Million!!!

MysT’s rendition of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ is over 130,000 in one week!!!

Gaston’s “Nobody’s Girl” has over 57,000 and he has just released this new one, a Chris Cornell cover ‘When I’m Down.’

Wyatt’s ‘Jesse James’ is at over 25,000

Sonika’s version of Alicia Keys’ ‘Brand New Me’ is at 37,000!!!

And the list goes on and on. We are grateful and in awe of our singers, way to go!!!