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How To Find Your Own Singing Voice

By November 28, 2018No Comments

Aspiring singing students often ask us; “How do I find my own singing voice?”

It’s a legitimate question because you obviously have your own singing voice and you have something you want to say with it. There’s something deep inside you that you want to share with the world, and the world needs to hear what you have to say. I mean, sing!

It all starts with identifying which other singers and songwriters inspire you – and then singing what they sing. All great singers and musicians in the world are “copying” someone who inspired them earlier in life. Something someone did triggered a spark which turned into a flame.

Some people say that copying others is a bad thing to do – the opposite is true. We all need to have teachers and forerunners, and the greatest compliment you can give someone who went before you is to keep that legacy going. It also gives you something to aim for.

And more importantly, it is the key to you finding your own singing voice. Take you favorite song by your favorite artist and learn to sing it as good as you can – to the point where it emanates from your soul. Sing it over and over again – and then go to the next. And then go on to your next favorite artist and their songs that inspire you. When you have a handful of your favorite songs and you can sing them effortlessly, sing your own song. Sing your own words and you will be amazed at how well you sing your own songs.

The other reason why we encourage you to sing what inspires you, is because in reality, you are not a duplicate of someone else, you already ARE an original, there is nobody like you in the rest of the world, you just need the confidence to come out of your shell and take on the world.

The key to all of this is of course correct vocal training to begin with – chances are that your favorite singer had/has some serious and ongoing vocal training in order to keep singing well. And so it is with you.

Correct and ongoing vocal training is the magical key to great singing for a long period of time – this will prevent you from hurting yourself – like many do who DON’T get correct vocal training.

So, who is your favorite singer and what is your favorite song? Pick it out, sign up for your own copy of How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course, join the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singer’s Forum and start tracking your progress …. you are going to rock it!

Watch this great Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy video on How To Find Your Own Singing Voice:

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