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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Reviews 2018

We can toot our own horn all we want but in the end it’s what you say that matters!

We’ve been at this for almost ten years now and we are convinced we have the most powerful and effective singing lessons in the world. Thousands of singers from all over the world have successfully gone through Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course and they are still singing better than they ever thought possible.

We’ve had thousands of reviews and we’ve been a little slow in posting them. So we snuck-up on a few singers in the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singer’s Forum and this is what we found:

“I’m a working musician and songwriter.
I’ve tried loads of different teachers, and recently checked out loads of online teachers.
In eleven weeks (towards the end of Volume One) I found my voice – a voice like I’ve never produced before. I’m only 20% in now, and something magical is happening.
My sense is that Ken Tamplin has worked out a way to combine the best of Bel Canto with the best of contemporary approaches to singing: from R&B to Soul to Rock.
Better still – Ken is straight-up about the ‘sweat equity’ it takes to transform your voice. It’s about making new muscle-memory, and like becoming ‘ripped’ at the gym, the body requires persistence and regularity in order to re-configure. He reckons 1 year for people like me. I admire that – it’s roughly what it took me to learn instruments in the past.
Other courses offer crazy (and fraudulent, in my view) ‘learn in one month’ offers.
I feel so strongly that Ken has developed something incredible that I believe this should be taught as the new ‘orthodoxy’ – it’s that revolutionary.
But it takes time and patience.
But it works. It really works.
And you gotta admire Ken’s enthusiasm for this stuff.
Get onboard, work hard and this method will take you there, no question.”
– Nemo

“I have done 3 or 4 online courses and taken lessons from 3 different coaches in different styles… Nothing compares to the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Still AMAZING value for money. Big thanks!”
– Band

“Absolutely the best vocal training I’ve ever gotten. I can stop praying for those money notes every night. Now I know they’ll be there.”
– Kai Ellis

“I’m 59, and wanted to sing better, been singing almost all my life (amateur). Doing the vol1 exercises for 6 days I was thinking “I’m not getting very far” (up one semitone only). Decided to try some of my normal singing, and all I can say is “OMG!”. I have never, ever sung as well as I can now, not by a long long way. My voice is richer, fuller, has more volume without just being “louder”, and I can “feel” this as well as hear it. If this continues – as I’m sure it will – goodness knows just how good it will get. For those wondering whether to buy this course, I did hours of research into many such “similar” programmes and Ken’s course is paying off spades already. Just in 6 days….”
– Jack.

First live performance in 20 years!!!
“Well, This past Saturday marked the first time I’ve performed live in a little over 20 years… I was getting pulled aside afterwards and getting praised on both my guitar wizardry, but even more so on my vocals!! The first few compliments felt very nice to hear, but the following dozen made me stop and think… Have I really grown that much in a year?

One of the people that talked to me after the set knew what I sounded like a year a year and a half ago when the band first got together, and he basically asked what the hell happened to my voice! His eyes welled up and he hugged me. (I was gobsmacked)

I am humbled by the experience, and driven to continue on with the process of developing my voice to the next level.”
– Phil

We love our students and our students love Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – check out the KTVA Singer’s Forum for more reviews and feel free to ask questions!

Are You Ready To Sing Better Than Anyone Else?

I think you’re ready to start your own unforgettable journey into vocal excellence and to fulfill your lifelong dream of being a great singer! The best way to start is to jump right in and get your own personal copy of How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course, and to join the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singer’s Forum, where you’ll meet thousands of singers just like you, from all over the world!