Bon Jovi – Wanted – Dead Or Alive – ft Kayla Reeves

At the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards Bon Jovi performed “Wanted Dead Or Alive” with only their acoustic guitars and it was so popular that it inspired the network to start the “Unplugged” series.

What were some of the most memorable “Unplugged” performances that you can think of? Share with me in the comments!

“Wanted Dead Or Alive” was written using Old West imagery to describe the lonely life of a rock star on the road at a time when the band was performing around 300 shows a year.

Richie Sambora came up with the guitar riff while trying to write something acoustic because there was very little acoustic guitar on the radio at that time.

Kayla is taking on the tune for today’s video. Let us know what you thought!

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