Boston – Brad Delp – Long Time – Isolated Vocals – Analysis and Tutorial

“Long Time” was released off of Boston’s debut album which was primarily written, produced and performed by the band’s founder Tom Scholz. Scholz used Brad Delp’s vocals but waited to assemble a full band until they were signed with Epic Records.

What other groups can you think of that were signed to a record deal before actually having formed an official band? Let me know in the comments!

The song was originally recorded on a two-track machine in Scholz’s basement and was the first piece of music he ever wrote.

As we look at Brad Delp’s isolated vocals from the track I break down some of the imperfections in the recording as well as how Delp flawlessly goes in and out of chest and mixed voice.

I’ve also got a special discovery I made from the track which I’ll share at the end. Check it out!

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