Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey – ft Kayla Reeves

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Previous versions of “Tennessee Whiskey” had been covered by multiple country artists including the legendary George Jones but it wasn’t until Chris Stapleton was setting up microphones for a show, that he spontaneously came up with his own take on the tune.

Can you think of any other well-known songs that came about from a band’s live rehearsal? Share with me in the comments!

After hearing his band play the groove for the song, Stapleton started singing on top of it trying to make it something new. They ended up liking the version so much they played it that night at the show.

Chris teamed up with Justin Timberlake to perform a medley of the song at the 2015 CMAs which led to the song becoming the second-largest selling digital song the following week.

Kayla Reeves is taking on the tune in today’s video. We hope you enjoy it!

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