Mariah Carey – Without You – ft Sara Loera

“Without You” was originally written and recorded by the British band Badfinger back in 1970 and it has since gone on to be recorded by over 180 artists with Paul McCartney even calling it “the killer song of all time”.

What other songs can you think of that have been both heavily recorded and enjoyed strong commercial success with multiple artists? Share with me in the comments!

The song was recorded by American singer Harry Nilsson in 1971 with his version enjoying international acclaim and being nominated for a Grammy for Record of The Year.

It was Mariah Carey’s version however that enjoyed the most success. Based on Nilsson’s version, Carey wanted to record the song she loved from her childhood and would end up releasing her version one week before Nilsson died.

We hope you enjoy Sara Loera’s take on this hugely popular song!

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