Steel Dragon – We All Die Young – Rockstar Movie – ft Gabriela Gunčíková

Featured in the 2001 film Rock Star, “We All Die Young” was written by Steelheart lead singer Miljenko Matijevic and was originally featured on the band’s 1996 album Wait.

In the film Mark Wahlberg plays the main character who becomes the lead singer of his favorite band. Apparently Brad Pitt was originally cast for the role but left due to creative differences. Who do you think would have been the best actor to fill the part? Share with me in the comments!

The song is covered by Steel Dragon, Wahlberg’s fictional band in the movie but the vocals were actually sung by Matijevic with Zakk Wylde on guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass and Jason Bonham on drums.

Many other bands have gone on to cover the popular tune and next up our own Gabriela Gunčíková is taking on the song.

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