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Hocus Pocus – Mashup – G. Gunčíková – R. Sarzo – K. Mary – S. Van Zen – P. Bradley – G. Schutt

By August 13, 2021No Comments

This one goes out to all my instrumentalist friends out there.

I have always wanted to cover this song because I’m a huge guitar enthusiast (and player) but the awkward strange vocal breaks had
always kept me at arms distance from doing so.

This never became more apparent than when I approached other well-known guitar player friends of mine who passed on doing this song for that specific reason.

So I decided to raise the bar in typical Ken Tamplin fashion and turn those “vocal break weaknesses” into strengths.

You were about to find out what I mean 🙂

Without getting too preachy, I believe that anything in life that we have shied away from because of our “weaknesses” we can turn into strengths just like I did here in this song.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it 🙂

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Where the proof is in the playing, the singing and turning failures
into successes.

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