How To Sing

Learn how to sing betterSo, you want to learn how to sing better than you ever thought possible? Great! You have come to the right place! Before we begin showing you how to sing, let’s tackle the very first fear that you may have when even THINKING about singing… “Will I be able to sing?” “What if I sound horrible??!!” “Can ANYONE sing?”

Can anyone learn how to sing?

This is a great question and a very legitimate one.

Let’s answer this with a video that has been viewed almost 150,000 times:

How To Start Singing

If you are brand new to singing, one of the best things you can do is pick a song you like and that is comfortable for you. Simply start by humming or gently singing the song, experimenting with trying to stay as close as possible to the melody.

Most people sing from their throat, which is wrong and will hurt you.

There are a number of rules that apply in learning how to sing, the first three being support, vowel placement and air management. Learn how to sing better. Here are some of the basics you must learn first:

1: How to Breathe


2: Posture

As shown in this video, keeping your body (torso) straight is important. Using your diaphragm to relieve tension in the throat makes it much easier to hit those high notes and will give you power and strength you never knew you had.

Even the most seasoned professionals, like Adele, have popped blood vessels in their vocal cords from singing from the throat.

Here is an example of how to sing like this correctly, watch this video:

Many are intimidated to sing because they feel they’re expected to already know how to sing, and grade themselves next to other singers.

The truth is, it’s better to learn how to sing correctly from the beginning, than to un-do bad habits.

Learn How to Sing Better – Proven Methods

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy offers the most amazing technique to get your voice up and running quickly.  He shows you himself with his own voice so it takes the out guesswork for you.  Many courses out there promise the world but deliver little or no real results.

Here is a REAL result of Ken Tamplin teaching a student how to sing Whitney Houston’s “I will always Love You.” will always Love You.”

Ken has proven himself numerous times over in teaching all levels of students how to sing better.


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