Hey bro, just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me. Because of your teachings I was able to win my regions Hard Rock Rising 2015 (an international battle of the bands). Anyway, my lead singer left and I had to take on the best bands as just a three piece. Well, just goes to prove you can have a guitar in your hand, but when the dust settles.. Voice is King!” Lee Gattenby

How To Start…

So, are you ready to start singing better than you ever thought you could? This is how your fantastic singing journey will start…

1) Purchase The Course
2) Watch The Volume 1 Movie Through Once
3) Read The “How To Do This Volume” PDF File
4) Start Practicing – Section By Section – What You Learn In The DVD To The “Audio Workouts”
5) Take Your Time To Make Sure You Understand & Are Doing The Segments Correctly
6) Move on to Volume 2 and repeat steps 2 though 5
7) Move on to Volume 3 and repeat steps 2 through 5

Do not give yourself a time limit – just work the lessons and let it all sink in at your own pace. Yes, you WILL experience great results as soon as you start, but even then, make sure to take the time for yourself to understand WHY and HOW you are having these results, so you can tap into your new techniques at any time.

You will have continued support as soon as you start, you will be registered in the KTVA Forum (if you haven’t already) and you can jump in and make your presence known. You will have access to ongoing LIVE training webinars, vocal evaluations, demo uploads, tons of posts and conversations, and… access to Ken Tamplin of course, both in the forum, via email, via webcam, and in the webinars.

We take YOUR singing very seriously and you WILL succeed!
Let’s go…