How To Sing A Song – Choose Any Artist

Here you will find singing demonstration videos in which Ken Tamplin teaches vocalists how to sing certain styles or techniques. Some of these lessons are in-studio with Ken, others are online singing lessons with Ken Tamplin, via web-cam from around the globe.

Please note that some of these demonstrated singing techniques are very advanced, if you are currently not enrolled in any of our advanced singing lessons, please use caution when “trying” some of these techniques as incorrect technique can cause serious injury.

How To Sing Susan Tedeschi
How To Sing Aretha Franklin
How To Sing Kelly Clarkson "Stronger"
How To Sing Like Carrie Underwood
Ryan Singing Steve Perry - Faithfully
Vocal Demonstration with Yuji Suzuki
Burden In My Hand...
Buckcherry - All Lit Up
Olli Rinne second lesson...