How To Be A Singer – Real Advice From A Professional Singer

A professional singer is someone who’s able to perform consistently day in and day out, from one night to the next—to bring skill to bear on a wide range of material. Developing the ability to tackle many different kinds of songs is key for professional success in singing; not surprisingly, it’s a big focus at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the goal has always been to take amateur singers to professional skill and status… to help people learn how to sing.

The question is, what can amateur singers do to develop their range and their ability? A new video posted to the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube page provides some insight—and some tips for learning how to sing any song.

Ken Tamplin – How to Sing Any Song

How Do Professional Singers Sing Any Song?

Believe it or not, it all starts with the vowels.

According to Vocal coach Ken Tamplin, the first thing any singer-in-training should do is select a song—any song at all—and then try singing it… but to remove the consonants as they do so. In other words, the trick is to sing the song while only pronouncing the vowel sounds. (If you’re not sure what this should sound like, exactly, just check Ken Tamplin’s How to Sing Any Song on YouTube)

The reason for this is that mastery over a song begins with a mastery of what Tamplin calls vowel transitions—and learning to just focus on those sounds without the consonants is an exercise that can help the singer truly understand the particularities of the given song.

You can learn more about the approach, and about the next steps, by consulting the video, which is chock full of good information.

Becoming a Professional Singer

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube page has plenty of guidance for amateur singers who truly want to become professionals—and to learn how to sing any song. You can also visit the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy reviews and resources.