How To Sing Better

How to become a singer

So, you love singing but you’re ready to learn how to sing better? Great, you have come to the right place!

Read on, and we’ll help you learn how to become a singer…

There are two major stumbling blocks for people who learn to sing by themselves:

  1. Overthinking what you’re doing
  2. Physically straining your body too much

Overthinking Singing

Singing is an experience, unlike playing any other instrument, it is something that is generated from within your body and your soul.  Your WHOLE BODY becomes your instrument and it needs to be fine-tuned. Because singing is truly ‘an experience’ it is not something that you can fully generate from the brain. Your brain is used to recall the words to the song you are singing but it should not be used to try and figure out what your body is doing.  When those two get mixed up, you start to overthink what you are doing and you’ll stumble.

Physical Strain While Singing

Powerful singing does not generate from your throat, it generates from your diaphragm.  Your breathing technique and posture are the very first things you have to practice and master.  If you sing from your throat, you will hurt yourself, lose your voice and you won’t last long as a singer.  There are countless examples of popular singers who lose their voice due to overstraining their bodies.

Learn how to become a singer who people love listening to…

If you are going to learn how to sing better by yourself, then the first thing you HAVE TO DO is become in tune with breathing from your diaphragm, you have to experience the transfer of power from your throat to your diaphragm, this will free up your brain to do what it’s supposed to do, remember the words.

The 2nd thing you have to do is PRACTICE REGULARLY.  Build up the motivation to practice 5 days in a row and then give your body a few days off.  If you get into a routine, you will notice a big improvement in your performance.

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