How To Sing Metal Vocals – Metal Vocal Training

How-to-sing-80s-metalIt’s an iconic era in music, there was nothing more electrifying than 80’s Metal bands hitting the stage with those chainsaw guitars and sky-high vocal licks!

Even though the waaay too tight spandex pants possibly contributed to the extra vocal range, it had more to do with an overload of confidence and the ability to dig down deep into the chest and push up into incredible head voice that gave us those amazing performances.

Many of the 80’s Metal singers have lost their voice because of bad techniques and habits, they can’t sing like they used to. Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin will show you how to sing with more power than you ever thought possible, without losing your voice!

Here are three vocal demonstrations on how to sing 80’s metal by vocal coach Ken Tamplin, who has numerous “80’s Metal” albums under his belt himself.

Enjoy these free singing lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!