How To Be A Better Singer – The 5 Laws of Singing

Singing is a technical art, with two oposites working together. The technical part of singing definitely has rules, or laws – whilst the artistic part of singing does not, you either like someone or you don’t.

Understanding and applying the laws of singing to your own singing voice is the equivalent of exercising the muscles in your body correctly, it takes time, but after a while you start to see and feel amazing results.

And so it is with singing, learning the laws of singing will allow your artistic side to expand beyond what you think is possible and so you’ll be able to draw upon even more inspiration than you can now.

Because we get so many questions about the technical aspects of singing, Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin created a short video on the 5 Laws of Singing.

Check out our Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Laws of Singing page for expanded information.