How To Sing Harmony – 5 Easy Steps To Harmonizing

What is harmony?

“Harmony is creating pleasing nearby notes to compliment a melody.”

How to sing harmony1: Start with a melody that is simple.
One that does not move very much. In the video on this page, I pick a very simple melody that is just one note. I then pick a counter point harmony that first starts in unison, and then descends in small increments down a scale.

2:  Think of a harmony like a melody unto itself.
Learn it and memorize it as if it is its own melody.  Then play whatever song you are looking to harmonize on, remove the main melody and only sing the harmony you have just learned. The repetition will help you not get “sucked into” singing the main melody and separate the harmony from the melody.

How To Sing Harmony

3:  When choosing a song, pick one that is “harmony friendly.”
There are many to choose from. When learning how to sing harmony, try not to just pick a song that has a lot of harmonies in them, but one that is harmony friendly. Let me give you an example. “Lorde – Royals” has a lot of harmonies, but is not easy to follow the harmonies. A song like “The Eagles 7 Bridges Road” is very easy to follow the main melody, and then venture off on to multi layered harmonies and would be fun to experiment with.

4:  It is easier to use a warmer “airy” tone when harmonizing because
it is more forgiving when matching the main melody.
I explain this in my video on this page.

5:  Make sure you start by singing things well within your range so
that your focus is on the harmony and not fighting range.


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