Singing In Your Head Voice – Explanation and Tutorial

One of the pillars of great singing is learning how to effectively and safely use your head voice.

When you learn how to build your head voice correctly, you will be able to sing with incredible power for as long as you want to sing.

If you don’t build your head voice correctly and just start screaming, you will lose your voice AND risk doing permanent damage – the music industry is littered with many pop and rock stars who can no longer sing because they didn’t apply proper technique.

Free Video Lessons: How To Build Head Voice


…there are also a large number of world class vocalists who are singing as good if not better now, than they ever have. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is one of them. If you have ever seen Iron Maiden live, you know what I mean – Bruce can sing at the top of his game for a solid 2 hours – and a lot of it is (correct) head voice.

Here, Ken Tamplin demonstrates how to sing like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden – listen to the example of Run To The Hills and then the lesson.