How To Sustain High Notes – The Tricks and Techniques

Hey friend,

I wanted to share with you my experience on how to correctly hold a singing note (or how to hold a high note).

I have seen so many bizarre explanations on this important subject and yet from sources that neither really sing them selves, or display anyone doing what they claim is legit.

In this video, I physically demonstrate long notes myself, at varying degrees of my range, to display actual application on how to hold a note.

As I mention in the video, it can be kind of deceiving and here’s what I mean.

I see internet comments (particularly from the SLS community) “you already know how to breathe… so breathe…”

This is an asinine statement.

Tell that to a runner, an olympic swimmer, a mountain biker, a scuba diver or even someone doing yoga.

They all have different disciplines for breathing and what is required to achieve their level of activity.

It is no different with singing.

For those that really understand the concept, we don’t want to breathe like we speak.

We want to breathe like we sing. BIG difference.

When we speak, (especially when we do it without good diaphragmatic
support) we release a considerable amount of air. (the diaphragm is the main muscle for inhalation and exhalation respiratory response.

When we understand how to compress that air in the lung and glottis, we can use the diaphragm as a sort of “sling shot” to push air. (I call it the “snap” of air)

When we learn to conserve this air, this can be an extremely powerful tool in holding a singing note.

As I mention in the video, vibratory cycles are also very different throughout the spectrum of range in the voice.

Lower vibratory cycles require less energy (this is true), but in order to achieve that same volume and resonance as a high note, (because the cords are vibrating slower), they require MORE air to move the folds at the same velocity (volume) than that of a high note (which vibrates much faster).

This doesn’t mean we can’t hold long “low notes.” What I am saying is that in order to hold a low note at the same volume as a high note, it requires more air.

So this is why it is a bit deceiving: It is actually easier to hold a high note when compressed correctly, than a low note at the same volume.

Now, everyone’s range is different, and a low note to one may be at the higher end of range for another. So this is an over-simplification, but I wanted to give you an overall view of how this works.

The key is learning how to manage and control that air with good open throat technique.

I hope you found this information useful.

Here’s to Great Singing!

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