How To Sing High – Video Demo and Tutorial Below

How to sing high notes The ability to sing high notes almost seems to be the “holy grail” of singing. Everyone wants to sing just beyond (or a lot beyond) their current abilities and go for that “money note.” This is a much mis-understood subject – and this is coming from someone, namely myself, who can sing high notes!

Video soundtrack of Ken Tamplin personally demonstrating how to sing high notes

In many cases, people will default to singing in falsetto or head voice to “show off” their ability to sing high notes. This is not necessarily the best way to approach high range singing for many reasons.

What needs to be understood about how to sing high notes is that the upper mid voice must be strengthened first in order to maintain healthy robust high range singing over time.

Failure to build up and strengthen this part of the upper mid voice will cause the voice to atrophy and break down. Once this happens, the voice (vocal folds) lose resiliency and starts to diminish in range; first in the mid voice and then ultimately the falsetto register will deteriorate over time.

However if the upper mid voice is strengthened correctly and healthy workouts are maintained for the falsetto / head voice registers, the voice will actually grow and become more powerful and develop better tone and texture over time.

Another key point to understand is the idea of over compressing air when singing high notes.

Open throat singing technique provides the diaphragmatic support mechanism needed to sustain high range singing, while providing release valves to release and relieve tension allowing the voice to “relax” into that “money note” rather than squeezing and straining to get there.

So instead in “pinching” the sound, the sound opens up to a larger safe resonance with less pressure, less strain, less fatigue, more power and more stamina.

Open throat technique also provides for a “mixed voice” between the belting chest register and falsetto / head voice allowing for a percentage of this mix so that a person can “control” the amount of sound pressure (from belting to laying way back to singing with much softer timbres).

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy walks you through step by step how to sing high notes AND how to obtain and maintain these delicate balances and grow your voice like mad over time.