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How to sing high notes.

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DAMN dude. You have mad range. I am guessing you are a natural tenor. I don’t think everyone has the inherent genetic potential to do what you do. I have been singing for years and have just never managed to get even close to that good.

Any vids of your covering Steve Perry? I bet you would have no probs with it.

From Ken Tamplin:

Actually that’s just not the case. I am a high Bari.

When I first started studying the voice, my highest note was an F# (below middle C).

It because of the way I have worked and stretched my range that I can belt a B Above middle C.

With the technique I teach, all of my diligent male students receive a substantial increase in range and power. Maybe not an A5 but certainly D above middle C.

This is true for females as well except their range scale is much different.