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How to sing like Benjamin Burnley, John Cooper and Jacoby Shaddix

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Hi, I’m 15 and I want to learn how to sing.

What I’m after is a raspy, alternative / metal voice. I want to get a singing voice similar to Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin), John Cooper (Skillet) and Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach). No-one I know can help with it. Can you be a darling and help me?

Ken Tamplin:

Here’s the thing, no one can show you how to do that unless they have done it themselves successfully for many years (to prove they have a method that won’t cost you your voice). Yes I could show you but I won’t. At least not yet and here’s why. To compress your voice to the point of this kind of distortion requires building a muscle structure first that can handle it. Otherwise, you will go hoarse, blow out and eventually lose your voice altogether.

This is why I created my vocal levels on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy website.