10 Singing Tips and Tricks

Here are some great tips to help you sing better.

1. The voice is a muscle and you need to treat it as one. Just like any muscle in the body, it can grow and get stronger even into your 70′s when trained correctly.Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing tips

2. If you have a cold or the flu, it is better to continue to ”exercise” the voice with proper training which will maintain more consistent vocal health and lessen “down time” from singing.

3. The best way to compress air is to hold your breath when you sing. The key to this is to not “restrict the throat” when “holding back this air. It is important to learn open throat singing first before attempting this.

4. If you have been training correctly and you over sing one night, it is best to come back the next day and do a full proper workout. This will keep the elasticity in the chords. Otherwise, it usually takes several days to recover.

5. You lose up to 30% of your breath support while sitting compared to standing when you sing.

6. You should not eat up until 1 1/2 hours before a show. This will hurt support and cause regurgitation.

7. You should avoid any carbonated beverages before and during performances.

8. Most performers want to come out with their hardest material to sing in the beginnings of their sets. This is the exact opposite of what you want to do. You want to stagger your harder material toward the end of the set when you have carefully paced yourself, warmed up through the show and are ready to take on the harder material.

9. With your band, do you best to practice at a lower sound volume. Mistakes will be much more evident then. Don’t deceive yourself by thinking that cranking it up makes you better. This way when you get the board mix from the sound man, you won’t have to say to yourself, man we sounded much better in rehearsal.

10. The voice has a biological clock and likes to be warmed up at the same time every day.

The best singing tip is of course to join Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and start singing correctly right from the start – you will enjoy a lifelong journey of great singing!

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