0 Best Tips on How To Audition – Part 2

Singing competitions American Idol and The Voice are in full swing, and The X Factor and America’s Got Talent are gearing up for another season of propelling unknowns into (potential) super stardom.

You should absolutely audition for these singing competitions, and if you are actively enrolled in the our How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else singing course you should have no problem skating through to the main parts of the competition. If you want to be a super star, use the super star singing course to get you there!

So, continuing in our series of singing competition tips, here is Part 2 of 5.

50 Tips To Prepare For And Win Singing Competitions – Part 2:

#11 Don’t treat the judges like they are gods. They are people just like you. Treat them with respect but don’t venerate them. It makes you less valuable.

#12 Don’t think of the judges as people who hate you. This is FAR from the case. They WANT you to do well. They are rooting FOR YOU not AGAINST YOU. Accept and enjoy that and let it show in your audition.

#13 Be ready to give them more. Don’t have only one piece. It’s like a dog that can only do one trick. They want people that have diversity. Be ready for that if and when you are called on. Have your second and even third pieces as rehearsed as the first.

#14  Leave them wanting more. Don’t kill them with your song. Find a good way to get quickly from the verse to a chorus. To kill them with the whole verse is not smart. Get to a climax.

#15  Know your competition. Look around. See who you are up against. Think of ways to stand out. If there are 900 people all singing Adele, what makes you any different?

#16 Know your audience, be true to the appeal you have. Don’t try to be all things to everyone. Be selective and understand who you are trying to sell yourself to. Make musical and visual choices based on that.

#17  Be gracious and winsome. Win over the judges with something charming about yourself.

#18  No carbonated beverages. This will cause stomach issues when performing.

#19  Don’t change songs at the last minute. MANY people make this mistake. Go with what you have practiced. It is your best chance for you best performance.

#20  Don’t just stand there like a lump on a log.  When singing, sing like you mean it. Don’t scare yourself “stiff”. Move a little.

Meet KTVA’s Gabriela Gun

Gabby started out JUST LIKE YOU and entered singing competitions with incredible determination to WIN.. Gabriela is now one of the lead singers of international superstars Trans Siberian Orchestra… enjoy:

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