Considering Vocal Lessons Online? How To Tell Who Is Legit

If you want to learn to sing like a pro, you should invest in quality singing lessons.


And if you’re considering taking singing lessons…


Choose a teacher who really knows what they’re doing. I’ll be blunt. There’s a WHOLE lot of crap out there. An ocean of misinformation. There are a lot of singing coaches who say they’ll help you learn to sing like a pro. But who will probably do more harm than good.


So how can you tell if you’re in the presence of a great singing coach – one who will offer valuable singing lessons?

Considering Singing Lessons?

In short: the greatest teachers are great singers themselves. People who have learned from the school of hard knocks… the school of real, firsthand experience… what works and what doesn’t when it comes to singing. And so they can teach through actual demonstration… instead of just description. If you can help it, only take singing lessons from such a person as this.


And if you can find such a teacher…


Here’s How To Get Ready for Your Singing Lessons

Have a clear goal. Are you just wanting little gains in your range & stamina? Do you want to become so good that you launch a successful professional singing career?


What are you looking to accomplish through your singing lessons?


When you know what want, it becomes much easier to get what you want. Especially when you’re working with a coach who really knows what they’re talking about. So figure out what it is that you want, before you start.

Be prepared to start with the basics. It’s easy to want to skip to the cutting edge stuff. The advanced techniques. But as with anything, great singing comes with great mastery of the basics. So don’t expect to dive right into the really advanced stuff.


If you’re getting singing lessons from a master, they’re gonna make sure you’ve got the basics mastered before they start moving you to the “cool” stuff. Whether you’ve been singing professionally all your life… or you’ve only ever sung in your shower. So prepare to start with the basics.

Get ready to be VERY patient with yourself. Because you’re NOT gonna sing like a pro starting from day one. It’s gonna take time. Mistakes. Failures. Shaking bad habits. Weathering criticism. Self-doubt. The works…


So starting day 1 of your singing lessons, BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!! Or you’ll never make it to day #2,642—that blessed day on which you’ll be able to stand in front of a crowd, nail your favorite song with control & artistic expression, watch the crowd go wild, and soak it all in. If you want to reach THAT day, start being kind to yourself now. Forgive yourself quickly when you make a mistake—and try again.


Mentally prepare yourself for a long, difficult (but incredibly rewarding) journey. As we say at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy… learning to sing like a pro takes guts. It just does. Guts and commitment. So prepare yourself for that — for the long haul!


There will be days when you won’t want to show up to your singing lessons. There will be days when you wish you had never started taking singing lessons. And when you hit those days—those all-time-lows—you’ll have to dig your heels into the ground and just keep singing.


The more you mentally prepare for those days now… the better suited you’ll be to face those dark days when they do come.

Singing Lessons for Pros

No matter what your goals are, these pointers should help you get the most out of your singing lessons.


And if you’re looking for a master vocal coach to help you sing like a pro… your search ends here. Check out our online singing lessons at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. They’ve transformed 1,000s of average & mediocre singers into singing powerhouses.


And finally…


Never stop singing!!!