Lost Voice Remedies for Singers – Recover Your Voice

I Have A Bad Sore Throat – Cough – Lung Congestion And Need To Sing. What Do I Do?

If you still have an infection in the lung:

  • Take zinc lozenges 1 every two hours, not to exceed 5 per day not for more than 5 days,
  • Daniel L’ Don Grape Seed Extract Spray under the tongue every 2-3 hours,
  • Oil of oregano drops combined with echinacea and goldenseal drops (Zand brand) dripped down the back of the throat.

Vegetable juice with meals with the following ingredients:

  • Small bushel spinach,
  • 1 clove garlic,
  • One small sprig ginger,
  • One celery stick,
  • 5 carrots. (drink slowly as though chewing…do NOT do on empty stomach).

Whoever said ‘rest the voice’ was wrong unless you have completely lost it.  You must put back resiliency in the cords.  Working it out correctly and lightly is right.  To gargle with sea salt and filtered water is good for healing and soothing sore throats but not good for the cords as it will dry them out. Putting moisture back in the cords is what is needed. (yes drink lots of 9.0 alkaline filtered water).

If there is no infection, what DOES help (believe it or not) is a REALLY HOT long shower, absorbing as much steam as you can handle in the sinus cavity and in the lung. (why this must be done after infection is moisture can cause bacteria to fester if infection is present.

If this is still the case, you can do 3 drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil in a coffee cup. Heat up the water to steaming, drop in the drops and waft the vapors into the lung. This will help stave off infection, “open up” the respiratory system by reducing inflammation and help fight infection.  Just before the show, do the hot shower thing I mentioned 2 hours before performance.  Take 2-3 ibuprofen to reduce inflammation (don’t do this all the time), avoid dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

There are several other things to do like a good pro biotic and Cod Liver Oil (I recommend Carleson lemon flavored for pure oil) and vitamin D-3 (approx 5k iu per day), these are excellent for immune building and cell regeneration.