The 5 Secrets of Singing That Every Singer Must Know

After teaching many thousands of vocalists how to sing their butts off, here are master vocal coach Ken Tamplin’s Secrets to Great Singing.

Employ these strategies and experience tremendous and steady growth of your singing voice.


1) Support: Understanding and utilizing correct abdominal (diaphragmatic) support. This is the key to strength, stress management (relaxation), stamina, range and power.

2) Breath management: Understanding how to correctly use your air. The over-use of air is one of the biggest enemies to drying out the cords and causing hoarseness, strain and fatigue.

3) Good open throat technique: Correct tongue and jaw placement. Understanding good vocal tract shaping (the shaping of vowel sounds) in order to not “over enunciate” or “over-shape” the vowels to control their size and shifting within the vocal tract.

4) Posture: Learning to build a “strong tower” of consistency with good posture and rib cage expansion which frees up the chest neck and throat from strain and stress and utilizes good breath management and abdominal diaphragmatic support.

5) Psychology of singing: Not allowing the mind to “Freak you out” and keep you from singing with ease and freedom. This helps tremendously from not locking down the cords which cause pinching and squeezing (literally choking off the cords) when ascending a line or passage in a song. Learning to “see” the notes beforehand with relaxation. This is achieved because of a strong command of the first 4 points.