Vocal Exercises For Tone – How To Have A Good Voice Tone

Most people aren’t in love with their singing voice.

They will record themselves on their phone (or another recording device), listen back and then say eww, does my voice really sound like that?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. So it destroys their confidence and people wander off thinking they won’t have what it takes to be a good singer.

Let me share a story with you.

When I was about 12 years old (you could hardly rip my guitar from my hand at any given point during the day when I was not in school) I secretly liked singing. I would hear Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Steve Marriott, John Fogerty and many others and wish I could sing like that.

But to be honest, my voice was terrible. I had this cheap little cassette player recorder, and I would try to play and sing songs like Stairway To Heaven, The Rain Song, Down On The Corner, and the list goes on.

I became so discouraged with my voice I stopped trying. No kidding.

It wasn’t until I was about 16 (in my 3rd band already, ha, ha) where I got fed up trying to find a decent singer, or finding a singer that would show up on time, or ones that would show up at all.

So I figured, I only needed to bellow out long enough to get me to my guitar solos. (this is no joke, its the truth), so I tried my hand at singing again (really clinging to my guitar as my crutch to hide my horribleness).

I kept recording myself over and over to try to fashion my voice as closely as I could to singers that I loved.

Little by little I would find small glimpses where I could actually say “that didn’t suck” and I started to look at my voice like I did my guitar. It required effort, patience, discipline and consistency.

I also realized the old saying “practice makes perfect” was not true. It was “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”

You can practice something the wrong way and it will only Embed a problem, not make you Great.

So I thought to myself, Ken, you have taken a lot of guitar lessons from some really great guitar players, why not do the same for your voice?

This started my quest.

I began to study with many many vocal coaches.

But this, too, became frustrating, because one guy would say one thing, and another would say something different.

It was VERY confusing and conflicting.

So I began a lifelong task of the Process of Elimination. I would give something a fair try, and if it didn’t work, I threw it out and only kept what worked.

I have studied under some of the world’s greatest coaches for over 30 years, and I have taken 30 years of touring and recording, and put this all together in my singing course: How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else.

So class, if you’re ready, today’s session is about how to get that tone, and how to LOVE your voice.

I hope this helps you!

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