How To Do Vowel Modifications While Singing

There are a ton of great conversations going on in the KTVA forum – it’s a motivational place and a great place to keep track of your singing lessons. It’s also a great place to ask questions and get support – like this:

“In the AA vowel is the vowel modification line up ..leh..lah.. loft …hook???? It seems I’m a tad bit confused here and just making sure.”

Keep it the same.

So it’s LAAA (as in Hat)

Around F# or so it’s LAAA (as in hat with an AW as in loft superimposed on it)

A little higher the LAAA (as in hat with a OO as in hook superimposed on it)

And finally LAAA (as in hat with a OOOO as in who superimposed on it)

So, to summarize, the mods are the same mods in the same places or notes, just on the different vowel

LAAA as in hat, instead of LAAH as in LAH.

We have our basic vowels that we have to master: AH, AA, EEE, OOOH, OH.

All are derived, either directly or indirectly from the basic AH vowel.

All modify at about the same notes of the scale.

AH and AAAA go from the base vowel through the AW, OO, and OOH modifications.

EEE goes through EEE and Ei repeatedly as needed.

OOH goes through OOOH and OH repeatedly, sometimes dotted OO and back to OOOH.

Watch out for that consonant!

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