Vocal Warmups

Want some daily exercises which you can use to continually grow your voice?


Watch this video and practice along with Ken:


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Many have asked me for some solid daily vocal exercises.


And I give you some in the above video – but it’s also important to remember that a “great vocal workout” isn’t just about doing scales.


It’s about combining ALL the necessary elements… that makes for a great vocal workout:


  1. Correct Diaphragmatic support
  2. Correct relaxation response
  3. Correct vowel placements
  4. Correct tongue placement
  5. Bright ping / timbre in the voice
  6. Correct air management
  7. Building the Passaggio and using mix voice properly
  8. Balance of volume throughout the workout
  9. Correct stamina building
  10. Application to actual singing


Doing this daily regimen will help point you in the right direction, but all these elements must work in concert with each other to make for a great voice.

Ready to seize that singing dream of yours? 


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