“Best” Vocal Warm Ups For Professional Singers

Ken Tamplin unlocks the secrets to the stars and shows you how the pros do it with these Professional Vocal Warm-Up tips!

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Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing!

I am vocal coach Ken Tamplin, and I’m here to share some things with you I think that are really cool and important.

Now, whether you feel that KTVA, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, is right for you or not, and what ever vocal coach that you’re looking for, you really need to ask yourself a couple of very, very important questions.

The first question is does that vocal coach sing, and do they sing well, to prove and demonstrate what they’re teaching is legit, or really works? Now, a lot of people are bobble heads and can talk. There’s a lot of talk going on on YouTube, on the Internet… But does the coach sing, and sing well themselves, and do they display students that sing, and sing well that prove out their method?

So when you’re looking for a vocal coach, look very closely. Read the fine print and look and see. Do they Sing Well and are they demonstrating what they teach, and do they have a lot of students that sing well, demonstrating that what they teach is true?
Now, I may not be right for you, I may be right for you, that’s all good, but those are really important things. In 30 years of training, in 30 years of working my voice, having 40 albums out, over 1000 songs placed in film and television… Look me up. Wikipedia me, go to IMDB dot com, you’ll see what I’m saying is true.

I took 30 years and spent over $1 million on my voice. Yes. $1 million on my voice, and 40 hours, and touring the world, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, to determine what really works, and what doesn’t. What’s legit, and what isn’t, and I’ve poured them into a course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. You’re welcome to check out my website. You can click here if you’re interested. It has it, and you can see what it is that I do.

We’re going to do a professional vocal warm-up. Now, here’s something about this that you should also know. There’s no such thing about going straight into “Wow! I’m going to do a professional warm-up!” Because, if you’re “warming up”, it means that you’ve already done something, and you’ve trained something, that all that needs is your waking up the voice, or your waking yourself up to something you worked very hard at, and you’re just going “z-z-z-z-z-z, okay, I snoozed tonight, I’m getting up in the morning, I’m getting ready to start my day of singing! Songs! Soccer! Piano! Guitar”, whatever that is, but you already have an understanding of the voice.

So actually vocal warm-ups can hurt you, especially professional vocal warm-ups, if you’re not prepared and haven’t trained for them correctly. Very, very important. I cover this in my singing course. But I will show you a couple of things that professionals like myself do that are critical, and the first thing is diaphragmatic support. Now, I have a video on diaphragmatic support. I suggest you watch it, because it will really help you understand how to sing with the diaphragm, which is the engine that drives your car for a good warm-up. Without it, your like Fred Flintstone in the Flintstone mobile going “Woob-woob-woob-woob!” with his feet, and you have no real engine that drives that tank for your car, for your voice.

With that said, we’re just going to do a simple all vowel. Ladies, I’ll get to you in a minute. Guys, I’m going to start with you. We’re going to do a triad on “AH”, and we want to have our throat open: “AH!” Like the Doctor wants to see our tonsils. AH! And with that ah sound, we’re going to start to migrate up the scale, or ascending a passage, in this case, a scale. “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhhh…” Notice my tongue is flat to the base of my jaw… “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh….” Notice this sound doesn’t sound like it’s coming from my throat. It sounds like it’s coming from my core, from my diaphragm. “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhhh…” Ladies for you, same thing… From the all vowel: “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh…”

Now, you can actually go all the way up and down the scale if you’re willing to run scales, go up and down. You can actually open up the passaggio from your chest to your head voice and connect your chest to your head voice. By the way, I cover this in my head voice videos, so if you’re interested in that, check that out. It’s on my channel. And again, like I said guys, I have a course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. I have over 50 hours of tutorials of this with myself demonstrating all kinds of information, not for one style of Singing, but for a plethora of different styles of singing, and you can get that course, it’s cheap. It’s less than an hour of my time, with the lifetime of information. Like I said, I spent over a million bucks on my voice, this will Rock Your World.

So with that said, guys, thank you for joining me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and if you like what you heard, please like and subscribe to my videos, I appreciate it, and we have more coming, more on your way. Peace. Out.

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