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Axl Rose and Brian Johnson singing technique

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Hey Ken. I’ve been practicing with your beginner dvd for about 2 months. I love it, and I’ve noticed big results. I plan on getting your intermediate lesson as soon as I get the scratch together. What are your thoughts on those rock singers with a heavily distorted tone (Brian Johnson/Axl Rose)? Are they using falsetto with glottal compression to get that dirty, powerful sound?? Thanks!!

Ken Tamplin

Brian and Axle are two completely different kinds of singing.

I’m surprised Brian still has a voice. He has been able to use compression and combine a mix of head and chest that is true, however if you notice when he sings live, he loses virtually all his upper register.

Axel has already lost most of his range just like everyone else from that era… However, you CAN sing like either one of those great singers, Axel focuses mainly on something called “Mask”. This is the idea of placing all of your vowel sounds into the front of your face literally smiling when you sing.

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Brian Johnson literally thins out the lower register of his voice which enables him to sing high with glottal compression. I cover this concept in stage 3 for dudes series.
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