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Can Lick and Tricks help repair my injured vocal chords?

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I had a quick question regarding the Licks and Tricks item.

I purchased the Divas Bundle but was blessed when Ken graced my husband out with the Dudes Bundle, as well.  I am so very pleased with the results thus far.

My vocal cords were injured a year ago so I have been faithful everyday to spend at least two hours working on the exercises.  I have much to learn about my “new voice” though and must say I have to stay disciplined in my mentality to not get overwhelmed, disappointed or saddened by so many vocal losses.   What use to be very natural must be learned now.  Anyways, I wanted to know if the Licks and Tricks would teach me to “learn vocal runs” (not quite sure how to say it?).   Not just prefabricated runs that Ken has heard and likes to include into his songs, but the actual mechanics of it.  It used to be natural for me to mimic them, however it seems as though what my ear hears my vocal cords can’t freely do now. Needless to say, it is like starting from scratch vocally. I hope my question made sense.

Thanks for your time. Christina (Kiki ~)


Hi Kiki,

That is precisely what Ken has done with Lick & Tricks, it’s both.

It’s to give the nuts and bolts of how to construct your own personalized soulful (runs).

However, when learning any free form or ad lib improvisation, you also need a foundation of a stable of chops; or “vocabulary” of licks with which to start from.

Licks & Tricks is both. A stable of licks you can connect, and ones you will probably want to learn to include in your stable.

Kinda like painting. Ken teaches you about the colors, the shading, the lighting the dimension. Walks you through a few paitnings and then turns you loose!

I hope that answers your question.