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Comment posted on “ABOUT THE VOICE – Vocal Lesson – Ken Tamplin” 3

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2 days ago
okay i left a comment on another vid, then googled you and got your site..
so let me rephrase my last comment, hey i want to learn to sing…also im broke.
Can you please please help me??
I really like the stuff iv seen

JusPuppyLuv93 2 days ago

  • 47 seconds ago
    @JusPuppyLuv93 Hi, Rob Hart here (Ken Tamplin’s assistant). We do have some sponsorships but it’s not totally free for hard ship cases. Ken wants everyone to have to value it and work for it or they won’t appreciate it. E-mail us on the KenTamplinVocalAcademy. Com site and tell us your situation and we will go from there.


    kentamplin 47 seconds ago

  • 4 days ago
    Hey, I find that i always tense up while singing High notes, which i think is depleting my range slowly, on average i can sing A2- A#4 , but lately I’ve been finding it hard to hit a G#4. What do you suggest i do>? . Also I’m finding that i cant sing for long, even one song wears my vocal ability out.

    ramsta93 4 days ago

  • 3 minutes ago
    @ramsta93 Hey Rob Hart here (Ken Tamplin’s assistant). Without Ken seeing what you are doing, it would be a little difficult to diagnose. Do you have a video of you having this issue?

    kentamplin 3 minutes ago

  • 1 week ago
    I am a 14 year old male.Can i connect my chest and head registers If my voice is still changing?

    callinthecaptian 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    @callinthecaptian No. You can grow your voice and get it set up powerfully when that change comes but you cannot start connecting chest with head until about age 15-16…

    kentamplin 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    You are obviously a talented singer and dont mind demonstrating your level of skill. However in your bid you kinda tease us and dont show us how to do what you’re doing. Is this something you only show on your site or on your dvds? or is there something on youtube where you give an actual lesson. I aint screaming on ya, but you take some subtle verbal jabs at other vocal coaches who give exercises on what to do. Can I please see some of yours?

    TheSubwaysurfer 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    @TheSubwaysurfer If you are looking to grow your voice you may want to consider the ken tamplin vocal academy however I do give many tips. Check out the site with the Philip web cam lesson. There are some great free tips on there.

    kentamplin 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    That was great [:
    Ok, I’m going to start highschool this fall & I’m going to play in the mariachi group there since I played all through middle school. When girls sing mariachi music, they have this type of style where it sounds rough in some places; almost like it’s coming from the back of the throat. I can send a video if I’m not clear. I think if I could do this, the teachers would put me to sing [: Any tips?

    WhoDestiny 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    hey i want to learn to sing ken can you teach me?

    huka95 1 week ago

  • 1 week ago
    i’ve always wished i could sing ..but i suck at it :'( my lil brother even cried when i sang one time haha i dont have time for singing lessons cuz of my highschool schedule.. any advice? or things i can do on my own to get better?