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1 hour ago 15
just wanted to ask a couple of questions how do i sing with vibrato like for example like beyonce and how do i sing high notes im only 13

MauriciaBloodRain 1 hour ago 15

  • 23 minutes ago
    @MauriciaBloodRain Real vibrato is more of a function of relieving tennsion in the throat. To start to learn vibrato, you can jog between two notes slowly to get the hang of it (for example A & A#) and then gradually build up speed. Real vibrato is a mechanism that helps relive tension when holding a note when done correctly. It is also part of reasonance.

    kentamplin 23 minutes ago

  • 2 hours ago
    Chris Cornel!!!!!! WOH

    OzzyOsbourneFanMatt 2 hours ago

  • 7 hours ago
    I was getting sick of listening to you (no offence) and it wasn’t loading fast enough so Im going to ask you something….

    How do you make your singing stronger?

    SophieGal09 7 hours ago

  • 7 hours ago
    @SophieGal09 I have DVD series at my KenTamplinVocalAcademy. Com site that will help you grow your voice like mad. It’s a process of first understanding support, open throat vowel sounds, using the correct amount of air when you sing and various pitch exercises to help you grow your voice…

    kentamplin 7 hours ago

  • 9 hours ago
    wooow ur smarttt loss i wanna have the same knowledge as u one day oo n btw im audutioning 4 american idol this season hopefuly ur vidoes will help

    cornycrissy 9 hours ago

  • 12 hours ago
    omgggggg can ya just tell just something so we can sing faster?!?!?

    mileyrayjenn45 12 hours ago

  • 1 day ago 2
    Ok, just one question, how can I get better at singing high notes and do you teach that as well?? Thank you! 😉

    watindaworld21 1 day ago 2

  • 23 hours ago
    @watindaworld21 I teach the art of great singing which includes singing high notes. They are not mutually exclusive.

    kentamplin 23 hours ago

  • You are amazing. =]

    darthvaderANDvoltron 1 day ago

  • 1 day ago
    Yea your a great teacher and yea everyone can sing just the people who have skills can sing a better and those are the ones who become famous

    Toby1Music 1 day ago

  • 4 days ago
    I want to sing like John Frusciante..hmmm….

    01Justin010 4 days ago

  • 5 days ago
    Your philosophy of learning in general is dead on. It applies to LITERALLY everything you could ever learn. Your right, all it takes is an example and if you have the determination to learn a new skill then the next step is practice practice practice. Pretty soon that skill you once had to make an effort to do becomes second nature. Then you are free to explore the full range of your new skill and you can place any creation of the mind into a physical form. Thats when a skill becomes an art.

    zacarialivebtr2 5 days ago

  • 3 days ago
    @zacarialivebtr2 You are right Zac however, You wouldn’t know how to build a skyscraper unless you had the knowledge to do so 🙂

    kentamplin 3 days ago

  • 3 days ago
    @kentamplin Nice 🙂

    wizzair1313 3 days ago

  • 6 days ago
    Wow man, you rock. Just saying. And Sammy is your cousin?! KICKASS!

    WeAreN0Geeks 6 days ago

  • 6 days ago
    hey ken im trent and im starting out. do u have any advise on how to project my voice cleary