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Common Sense in Singing

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Guys I have to say that that Trevor posted on the forum is right on the money. (Trevor has really listened to what I said in my videos)

What I teach differs considerably from Seth Riggs (also known as Brett Manning).

Everything he posted about vowel placement is absolutely correct.

Also what he posted about the ng sound is correct.

I have actually seen more people get screwed up from the NG (Seth was peddling that back in 1982…now Manning peddles it today).

I want you all to use some common sense (seems today common sense isn’t so common 🙂

Take this subject about the NG. It’s a closed, structured sound.  The ONLY time you will EVER use it in a real singing application is singing a word that has NG at the end or in the middle (like ringing).

The more you close down a sound, the more you have to work at getting the throat to open back up. BOTTOM LINE. So when singing a word like ringing, we lighty and as quickly as possible “touch” the ng sound and get away from it as quickly as possible.

To creat entire exercises around stuff like this is insane. It raises your larynx and causes stress to build. And it helps NO ONE. (and yes
I’ve all the different “reasons” as to why someone is supposed to work that sound).

Consider this: I don’t use it whatsoever and have found it to do more harm than good.

You can believe someone that doesn’t sing, or believe someone that does. In the end it is your choice.

Now back to the common sense part.

Always ask yourself this question: Is this more natural for me, or less natural for me to do this or that…

Now get back to SLS exercises. There are some of the most ridiculous things in SLS they might as well tell you to throw up a newspaper in the air, swirl around 3 times, make a wish to the tooth fairly, and fairy godmother will tap you on the head and anoint you with an
amazing voice.

Sorry if this sounds critical, I just can’t in good conscience let people go on believing this crap any longer.

The proof is in the singing. Not ivory tower talk… and a slick web site with a giant marketing machine behind it.

btw…there’s an old saying… eat sh*t…a million flies couldn’t be wrong…